This is what I was going to be carrying on the bike or wearing:

tent, sleeping bag and ground cover
front & rear panniers and a seat pack
2 pair bike shorts
short sleeve wool jersey
4 cotton t-shirts
1 cotton long sleeve t-shirt
2 pr bike socks
2 pr athletic socks
2 pr underwear
1 pr long khaki pants
1 pr short pants
a belt
1 short sleeve summer sport shirt
jogging shorts
bath towel
a couple of terrycloth rags
1 pair of shoes (Avocet touring - suitable for biking or walking)
rain jacket
helmet, gloves
wallet, Swiss Army knife, pen, comb
spare tube
spare tire
hex wrenches
small visegrips
tire irons & patch kit
frame pump
2 water bottles
Vistalight headlight
small flashlight
pedal wrench (remember Amtrak!)
headset wrench (not standard equipment, but my headset had been working loose)
spare cables
duct tape (always handy)
several bungee cords
bug repellent
point & shoot camera; film
small shortwave radio
standard overnight stuff (toothbrush, shampoo, etc.)
1 pint Jameson's Irish whiskey (always handy)
Adventure Cycling NY -> DC maps
legal pad
steno notebook

My bike is a Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Road Tour with regular (i.e. toeclip) pedals and a Brooks B.17 saddle.

I'd weighed the loaded bike just before walking out my front door in Washington, and after adjusting for two or three items I'd elected to ship home (that duffel bag, for instance), I calculated the total weight of bike and baggage in New York at 70 pounds. I hope I'm not getting ahead of myself when I reveal that by the time I got back to DC, I'd used everything except for two of the t-shirts, the tent and sleeping bag, the spare tire and the Irish. (I could have used a long sleeve wool jersey, but got by okay without it). I would have saved 5+ pounds by shipping the tent and sleeping bag too, but I decided to take them along. It was a close decision and even though I never used them, and it remains a close decision now -- you'll see what I mean as you read along.


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